The NPA is really the heart of Startup Island. Composed of some really great people, the NPA is a student communication network focused on helping students access, be empowered by, and engage with information from the world outside college. We thought we would share photos from our last event. In the cover: (Left to Right) John Richardson Student Body President, George Washington University. Nico Guetierrez, Student Body Vice President Pepperdine University. Senan Ebrahim, Student Body President Harvard. Brandie Vanorder, Student Body President, Boise State. Nate Levick, Student Body President, Cornell. Ralanda Nelson, Student Body President Brown (Not Pictured) Michael Cruz, Student Body President, Stanford. 

We are goof ball entrepreneurs building Startup Island and created a business card using the specific color spectrums to view everything in 3D by looking THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS CARD. We are happy to help companies build these, and shoot you guys the vector files.

The 3D Business Cards are complete! #3dbusinesscard

Jacked up on caffeine we explain Startup Island in 60 Seconds. Yes, the long boring version is available at, but if your ready to chip in, the gear is too!

LIVE: Kickstarter Campaign

Over the next seven days, you can be pretty sure this blog is going to be all about the Kickstarter campaign, and what we are doing with it. Tune in each day and don’t just watch this, chip in if you see something we should change! 


A viral Kickstarter campaign that funds cameras and production costs for the Documentary about Startup Island. 


A video, a body of text, and several levels of money that can be “pledged” to fund a campaign. 


Craig Weisman is going to open with an audio recording on a black background:

Our team is building this campaign from the ground up. That means no video, because not everyone has a camera and no editing, because not everyone has editing software. Startup Island believes anyone can change the world. But it’s not enough to just believe it: we’re going to prove it. Enjoy the video.”

It then has several slides and screens of animated text played to an awesome song called, “Sunrise” from the Yeasayers. We are not just saying download it because they are in our video, but the band is actually really cool and out to change the music scene. 

It closes with something epic. SO EPIC.


- We were all using Google Hangout to work realtime.

- We are using Apple’s Keynote, which we then record using Presentation Record to make the sick transitions.

- Each slide is designed with Adobe Fireworks CS4. 


Tomorrow we are writing out the intro, engaging networks, and shooting more video. Big big day.

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Be authentic.